Why Do I Need A Doctor’s Note For Being Sick And Missing Work? 

A doctor’s note for work is a legally binding document verifying an employee’s medical reason for missing work. As the name suggests, it is signed by a licensed physician who has assessed your symptoms and makes a statement that you had a valid medical reason for your absence from work. Each employer has its own sick day policy so there is a lot of variability. Some may not request a doctor’s note for absences of less than three days and others require a note for any day that is missed for a reported medical reason. It is best to be aware of your employer’s sick policy.

This variability in policies can make it difficult for employees to access medical care to validate they were too sick to go in to work. Various barriers to access include cost of a medical visit, time, and travel expenses. This may cause some patient’s to consider turning in a fake doctor’s note.

The Wrong Way To Get A Doctor’s Note

While there are several options to use a fake doctor’s note template online it is not an ethical action. Lying about symptoms and forging a doctor’s signature can cause you to lose your job and is even illegal. It is always best to avoid this wrong path and to obtain a work excuse note from a licensed physician. Still, it may not be possible to be seen by your physician for a mild illness which causes you to stay home to recuperate. There must be a better way!

“Lying about symptoms and forging a doctor’s signature can cause you to lose your job and is also illegal”

Information Included On A Doctor’s Note

For a work excuse note to be valid it must generally include the following elements.

  • Official letterhead from the medical practice
  • The name of the employee
  • The date the employee was evaluated
  • The date or dates of work missed
  • A statement by the physician verifying that the employee had a valid medical reason to miss work.
  • Date, name and signature of the physician
  • Contact information for the physician’s office.

Real Online Doctor’s Notes Are Legitimate

There are several platforms online that offer real doctor’s notes in connection with having a telemedicine visit by phone or video. A patient may receive treatment including prescriptions and also be given a doctor’s note at the end of the visit. The notes given are just as valid and legitimate as one you would obtain by seeing a physician in person. However, many of these services are still quite expensive with cost per visit up to $75 and may require you to schedule an appointment for an online visit, meaning you may still have to wait several hours in some cases.

A More Efficient Way

There is an efficient and cost effective way to obtain an online doctor’s note the right way. At MY DR’S NOTE LLC (mydrsnote.com) you can fill out a physician designed online medical assessment form to see if you qualify for an online doctor’s note. For those patient’s who qualify, the process takes less than 5 minutes and does not require a video or phone visit. The assessment is completed asynchronously and a work excuse note, signed by a board certified and licensed physician, is sent by secure email to the patient. This service is available for a nominal fee of only $39.99.

Permission To Get Well

MY DR’S NOTE is an online service powered by board certified and licensed physicians at HealthSource Medical Associates PLLC. The physician founders felt there should be a more accessible way for patients to be “given permission to GET WELL” from home when they are having mild illnesses but cannot go to work. During these times it is important to recuperate at home as well as prevent spreading of illnesses, which can occur if employees are required to be at work when they are sick. If you are recovering from a mild illness and need a trustworthy online doctor’s note service than click below to find out more information or get started on your path to wellness.

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